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If you have already got your referral forms signed by the vet then please send them to us and will contact you to book in for your consultation.


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Bilsby Canine Hydrotherapy clients have access to the latest in canine hydrotherapy equipment.

what is hydrotherapy?

The term hydrotherapy is derived from prefix “hydro” meaning water, and refers to the therapeutic use of water.


Appointments can be made over the phone or by email. Many of the pet insurance companies cover the cost.

about us


After spending several years training our dogs in water rescue, search and carting (draught work) we were devastated to find out that one of our beloved animals had a life changing condition that would change our lives forever.


At the time we didn’t know where to look or who to ask going forward. Then a friend suggests “Canine Hydrotherapy” which we had never heard of before.
After finding our local centre, and after just a few sessions we had already seen noticeable improvements. Going week after week we started asking questions about the treatment, these questions then started to get more detailed and found ourselves becoming fascinated by the way hydrotherapy worked and the principles behind it.


After moving to Lincolnshire in 2016 we had to look for a new hydrotherapy centre with the facilities that we needed and ended up having to travel almost an hour away. So with a hop, skip and very big jump we decided to open our own centre in Alford, Lincolnshire. This allowed us to provide the much needed services that we had needed to the local area and allowed shorter travel for the patients.


After completing my training in 2018 and becoming a fully qualified and registered hydrotherapist we opened our doors in January 2019 and have not looked back since.


Unfortunately our beloved Leonbergers Gunner and Honey who started us on this journey passed over Rainbow Bridge early 2018 and never got to see this venture completed. But there memory will never fade for us as long as we are able to help others through these difficult times and pass on our experience and knowledge to those who need it.